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Looking to change up your style but not sure how to? Why not get a pixie cut! Here are 5 reasons why you should get a pixie cut.


  1. Posted by mariazygarlicka, — Reply

    i want that hair cut for 3 or 4 years now and i never got it because i am scared my face isn't defined enough or too chubby, or am worried that my "nonexistent" jawline will not be able to be hidden therefore I look bad.. I don't know how to feel about it

  2. Posted by dadavsoulk, — Reply

    Im overweight and have oval face....without bang my face really long and wide...and now i fell in love with my short hair with/without bang....pixie cut highlight my face shape in different angle....and im loving it.

  3. Posted by lavendertoad27, — Reply

    for anyone who wants a pixie cut, DO ITTT!! i was scared until i just did it and it’s amazing!

  4. Posted by alicechen2019, — Reply

    omg I read the article can totally relate! -ur fellow pixie cut friend

  5. Posted by DawnyTheDemon, — Reply

    Can-can I marry her

  6. Posted by nagitos_toenail, — Reply

    i want that haircut so bad but my mon is like: No.❤️

  7. Posted by AcnhBotw, — Reply

    Five reasons my dad should let me get a pixie cut.

  8. Posted by mondese001, — Reply

    Uuhhh i want this so bad but my hair is curly and wayyy to frizzy

  9. Posted by lumbago_boah, — Reply

    Got a pixie cut, now I want to see the manager

  10. Posted by Yourgrandmommy, — Reply

    This the hair that i NEED but CAN'T get

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